Sunday, January 04, 2009

The nth shot at life

A tiny flicker has been lit. It doesn’t matter now how many wrongs we’ve made for the past 365 days. A fresh start is right ahead of us. A new chance. A new hope. And the single most significant question of the time, almost a resounding battle cry, is: What can we do to make those wrongs right? 

I just love the New Year. For me, it does not stand as a mere occasion that I have to perfunctorily celebrate just because the whole world tells me to do so. Let’s just say I’ve come to appreciate New Years in a special, personal way… 

Not too long ago, I was failing one after another, even in what seemed like the simplest tasks. I was utterly dejected, forlorn, and lost and every inch of me slowly flowed down the drain. I almost envisioned myself walking in the hallmark of failures, like it was my destiny to be there. The only thing that gave me my last string of confidence was the New Year and the hope that it always brings. I know it sounds really cliché and unoriginal. But when you’re there spiraling towards the bottom pit of hopelessness, you have to hang on to every last piece that gives you strength. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t even be here right now. 

The New Year reminds me that no matter how bleak and desolate life seems to be at the moment, we will always find the light. It may take some time though. But with the right amount of patience and positive thinking, you will find it in the most surprising places. Up to this point of writing, the New Year has never failed me. I don’t mean to say of course, that I never committed any failures since then. I am still as imperfect as I was 5 or 10 years ago. But I’m learning my lessons well, one year at a time. And with every year that comes and goes, the New Year always throws back a challenge at me, tauntingly saying, “So, Imperfect One, what are you going to do right this time?” To which, I would just smile and say, “Just wait and see. You might be in for a big surprise.” 

Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to a full, promising year ahead!

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