Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Asian Backpacking Chronicles: Vietnam and Cambodia

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Travel is love, but I never wrote “go backpacking” in my bucket list, mostly because I had vague ideas about it. I've always associated backpacking with mountain or rock climbing – what with those huge, towering bags that could carry an entire wardrobe. And I’m a self-confessed introvert with very little to no interest in sports or anything that requires physical agility. I have a poor sense of direction and awkward balance. So with utmost certainty, I’ve concluded backpacking is not meant for me. That is, until I watched a documentary by Sandra Aguinaldo on her Vietnam and Cambodia backpacking trip.

Aside from dispelling the myth that it is similar to mountain or rock climbing, backpacking didn’t seem such a bad idea after all. If anything, it sounded exciting, fun, and challenging. Traveling on a low budget with a backpack in tow sounded physically exhausting too but the thrill of novelty, the promise of adventure, and the potential of spawning great tales and stories far outweighed my apprehensions. This was a life experience I couldn’t miss.  

I couldn’t stop yakking about it until I convinced myself and a few friends to follow suit and travel by backpack to Vietnam and Cambodia. Quite the ambitious travelers, we set plans for a two-week backpacking adventure for June 2013. This was around October last year. The universe cooperated in this pursuit because the day after we agreed on the travel dates, Cebu Pacific announced a seat sale. It is on, baby! :)

So, for my next blog posts (yeah, I figured there’d be more than one), I will write about the Viet-Cam experience – the quirks, the little misadventures (we almost didn’tmake it!), the joys of first-time backpackers, and everything in between. 

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