Sunday, February 26, 2006

PR 842

Destination: UP Diliman
Date: February 22 – 23, 2006
Entry # 1

(At the time of actual writing, the writer was obligingly thrust more or less 31,000 feet above ground; the entry might contain any writing not suitable for very sane readers, reader discretion is advised.)

As I sit on seat 22F, tucked between a gentleman (as I may perceive so) and the window, sipping coffee, munching on Philippine Air Lines’ Snack Pack of assorted biscuits, I am momentarily swept off of my feet as I gaze upon the imminent signs of dawn, cracking silently above the still-sleeping earth.

Light and dark hues of the blue sky were interspersed with hazy clouds, lazy vermilions, and splashes of orange shades. Beneath me are fields of white-puffed clouds, much like a stretched piece of cotton candy which looked sumptuously tempting as the plane’s body cut through it.

And as if to end my delicious fantasy, the city lights came into view and a long line of blinking beetles and fireflies (in human terms, they’re called cars) honked and bonked each other to the slow-fast rhythm of the traffic… (sigh) welcome to manila!

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