Sunday, October 23, 2005

on blogging

The bandwagon has moved my way and now, I am riding on it. I never really thought I'd be writing my mind out...I mean, like this. This is one very personal thing that has kept me quite sane for years now and thoughts of exposing it for ridicule gives me a feeling of uncertainty. But sometimes you just have to speak it all out... The people may never understand you but hey, that's the very reason why you should speak in the first place -- to establish a common ground and to foster the unity of minds, of the hearts and of the souls...
Bits of chocolate. Yum. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. But aside from its undeniably delectable taste, chocolates have kept me sane through the years, just like the pen.
Precisely the reason why this blog is named bits of chocolate. I'd like to think that by sounding off some of my thoughts instead of keeping them locked away in oblivion, I keep my sanity in check.
Things are hard and life is rough but I'm grateful I'm still moving on. Many thanks to the pens and the chocolates in this world!

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